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This Blog contains a brief logbook reporting some news and salient aspects relating to the contents of the site. The blog responds to comments or questions sent by visitors (see "info" at the bottom of the page).

Technology blog

The new page on
artificial intelligence has been introduced on the site, important topic in the world of information technology.

On November 20, 2023, the DNV training course covering
ISO/IEC 25000 quality standards for software, data, IT services and quality in use, with various references to AI, will be held.

Highlights include the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7
Brochure "Software and Systems Engineering" which provides an overview of the main standards developed in recent years.

With regard to quality measurement, we inform you about the possibility of the new certification of the GUFPI Association - ISMA Group of Function Point Users Italy - Italian Software Metrics Association, with CEPAS for the skills of "Measurement specialist", based on the UNI 11621-6 standard. Further information are available on the
GUFPI website. Unregulated professional activities are listed in the UNI/UNINFO Brochure.

recent images have been added to the Computer Museum 2000.

Social blog

Accessibility does not concern only the important architectural structures. With regard to the
accessibility of websites of Public Administrations, certain obligations have also been extended to the websites of large private individuals. Analytical information is reported on the AgID website. Among the unregulated professional activities, mentioned above, there is also that of the web professional who today must have knowledge on the subject of accessibility.

Social blog about photos, tourist destinations, mobility

Photo Gallery has been restructured and beyond showing photos of cities and landscapes it shows groupings of images of old railways and sustainable mobility.

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