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The author, Domenico Natale, for 30 years was in charge of software engineering, standards and methodologies, in an Italian ICT company, leader in managing large Information Systems. His experience is in the fields of software metrics and data quality, complexity of Cobol language and user’s interfaces, structure and reuse, application of Function Point and usability, knowledge management. Natale took a Degree in Statistics at the University of Rome.

This personal web site was designed in 2000 to share information on IT with colleagues and experts.
It expresses personal experiences and not of the associations or organizations in which the author can get in touch.
It was initially designed to develop a virtual computer museum. During the years was increased covering more topics.

In 2013, the site is renewed with a new look, highlighting some new features and maintaining whenever possible links to old content.

The main topics in the old web (some parts in English) are concerning:
Context of the web site;
Metrics and Function Point;
Usability and accessibility;
Museum and virtual computer history.

The new relevant aspects (in Italian) are:
- Big data and Cloud computing;
- Open data and Linked data;
- Definition of software quality;
- Definition of data quality;
- ISO standards.

Surfing the web site you can also find a virtual tour through some photos with landscapes and cities, places of interest.

The name of the web?
Mondomatica derives from the words: Mondo (world) and informatica (informatics). This site of Information Technology is dedicated to students, experts, professionals, helping to make the world a better place... changing the world, one site at a time.

Users are allowed to use the site on line for personal, teaching and cultural purposes. In the case of requests for articles or slides on the topics covered, is pleasing an exchange of specialized information.

Domenico Natale is the author of several papers as well of a book written in 1995 on the quality and quantity of Information “Qualità e quantità nei sistemi software”, FrancoAngeli Edition. He wrote also some chapters in several books concerning the disable people and computer, an italian law about disability and computer, software metrics, data quality:
- “I disabili nella società dell’informazione”, FrancoAngeli, 2002;
- “La legge 4/2004: dalla teoria alla realtà”, IWA - International Web Master Association, 2005;
- “Metriche del software”, Gufpi-Isma, FrancoAngeli, 2006;
- “Calidad del Producto y Proceso Sofware”, RA-MA Editorial (Madrid), 2010.

He collaborated with many associations such as IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) where he served on the Board from 1997 to 1999. In 2003 he was Certified Function Point Specialist. He is co-founder and honorary member of GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association), member of UNINFO, Italian National Association for ISO. From 2004 to 2008 he was the Editor of the ISO/IEC 25012 “Data quality model”. Since 2011 he’s been the Editor of the ISO/IEC 25024 “Measurement of data quality”. Currently he is operating in the Technical Committee JTC1 SC7, Working Group “Software Product Quality Measurement and Evaluation”. In Italy he is head of the UNINFO Commission of Software Engineering and member of the UNINFO Commission of Medical Informatics.

He is on the web to participate to the “new culture” of the modern communication and of virtual knowledge.

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